Give Your Event an Edge

For the full Burning Las Vegas experience, upgrade to the full production package.  When the production upgrade is purchased it consists of an Austrian drape (other drapes available upon request), moving lights, and pixel-mapped led lighting which combine for a cutting-edge synchronized audio-visual experience.  


From subtle...

Just because your event ends like the finale of an arena concert, it doesn't mean it has to start there.   The warmly lit drape can provide a nice center piece to a room and slowly evolve as the night and mood changes.  And don't worry if your event has a color theme...the drape can match it. 


to dynamic...

Because the drape is uplit with professional touring quality LED fixtures, it can change from a warm amber to saturated pinks, blues, purples, making your guests feel like they are in the middle of their own private concert.  With LED lighting, any color imagined is attainable.

_MG_0101.jpg makes the difference.

From moving lights that beam across the room and onto your guests, to graphics provided by pixel-mapped lights, the production gives your event an edge that is simply unmatched by it's competitors.  This coupled with the already powerful Burning Las Vegas performance will give your guests the show they will talk about for years to come.

Inquire about upgrading your event's production when booking.